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The past decade has engendered the current period of solar panel installation for homes. The progress of homes and businesses from fossil-fuelled electricity towards a renewable, copious, and sustainable energy called solar energy is impeccable. Why do people favour solar energy over fossil fuels?

From heating and cooling to charging and lighting, our lives revolve around electricity. With every use of such appliances, we promote air pollution knowingly or unknowingly. Generating electricity with solar panels produce no harmful gasses like carbon dioxide, petroleum products or methane discharges. While you install residential solar panels Geelong, your home diminishes its carbon footprints and becomes environment-friendly. Switching to solar is a new dawn for living life intelligently and contribute to the environment.

Advantages of Residential Solar Panel Geelong Installation

Below are the reasons why every year there is a hike in solar panel installer across Australia and all around the world.

Lower month to month electricity bills is considerable incentives for choosing a solar panel. With solar panels you can save on electricity consumption, local power rates, solar energy system size, perceive direct hours of sunlight daily and beneficial whether you purchase or sell the system. It is a smart way of reducing monthly utility bills and making it a long-term energy solution.

Solar panels can be seen as overhauls that revamp the kitchen or completed basement so the purchase of it simply adds value to your home. A recent study shows that homeowners get ready to pay a premium for a solar home. The installation can level up your home value despite the fact that market factors like power rates and system size may affect the premium size. Solar homes can sell for more than homes without PV.

The solar solution is colossal. One hour of the noontime summer sun is equal to the yearly power request. Even places with low solar resources can experience cost savings on electricity bills.

The amount of generated energy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 and other many poisonous pollutants like nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides.

Residential Solar Geelong Projects

6.5 KW

Canadian Solar Panel & Huawei Battery Ready Inverter
Armstrong Creek – Victoria – 3217

5.5 KW

Canadian Solar Panel – Huawei Battery ready inverter
Hamlyn Height – Victoria – 3215

6.5 KW

Canadian Solar Panel & Huawei Battery Ready Inverter
Charlemont – Victoria – 3217

6.5 KW

Longi mono Perc & Huawei Battery Ready Inverter
Greendale – Victoria –  3059

GoSolarGoGreen Leads You toward Smart Home Electricity Solutions

GoSolarGoGreen is a locally owned and operated Company that works with integrity and honesty. Initially, we find out the amount of energy you use, the duration of maximum use, and the cost you pay for the usage on a daily or monthly basis. Then, we work on the solar panel designs that suit your needs. With detailed research and development, we provide high-quality and efficient residential solar panel solutions.

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