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  • solar installation From humble beginnings, Go Solar Go Green was founded and established as a Residential Solar installers  Company by Mr. Viral Rathod in a small unit in Newtown, Geelong VIC
  • With big ideas and ambition to change the industry, our first Solar Project was the delivery and installation of a 20kw solar rooftop in Apollo Bay VIC.


  • We successfully delivered and installed our first 35kw Commercial Project in Dandenong South, VIC
  • As a result of our continued growth and successful installs, Go Solar Go Green was recognized as a Commercial Solar installers


  • We successfully delivered and installed our first 100kw project in Lara, VIC
  • Referrals for our excellent work saw our sales increase by 30%
  • Go Solar Go Green becomes a CEC Accredited Retailer.


  • Continued growth allowed us to introduce a residential team
  • Over the year, our team installed over 200+ KW Commercial Systems.


  • Go Solar Go Green becomes SMA’s Powers UP Partner, REC’s Trusted Solar Professional, and Solar Edge’s partner
  • Over the year, we installed over 400+ KW residential systems.



Our foremost priority.



We are passionate about our work and consistently eager to assist our clients.



Committed to delivering an outstanding customer service experience at every stage.



We are committed to consistently improving our processes to speed up the shift to sustainable energy.

If you’re searching for a solar installer in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team of professional solar panel installers with extensive experience in the industry. We take pride in our quality workmanship and customer service, dedicated to helping you maximise the benefits of your solar panel investment.

Our services include solar installation, maintenance, and repairs. Additionally, we provide a free consultation service to assist you in determining whether solar is the right choice for you. Whether you’re thinking about going solar or just want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us today.

Go Solar Go Green is a solar company in Melbourne that works with both homes and businesses. It started small but grew from a passion project aimed at teaching people about electricity and where it comes from. The team, led by Viral Rathod, began in New town Geelong and has expanded to help families and businesses all over Victoria in just five years.

The company is known for creative designs, efficient solar installations, and a unique supply approach. Viral and his team not only promise excellent solar installations but also offer ongoing support and maintenance for their customers. Whether it’s for your home or business, Go Solar Go Green is here to provide reliable solar solutions.

Solar installer
saole installer melbourne

The Go Solar Go Green team is passionate about their work and is dedicated to educating clients about the positive impact of solar power on the environment and lifestyle. They strongly believe that embracing solar installations and renewable energy in homes, businesses, and automobiles leads to only positive outcomes.

As accredited CEC Retailers and recognised Commercial Solar installers in Geelong, the team is well-equipped to handle any job, no matter the complexity or size. With extensive experience, they have successfully installed over 1000+ kw in commercial and 3000+ kw in residential systems.

If you’re looking to adopt a greener lifestyle with lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint, the team at Go Solar Go Green is here to help. Trust in reputable brands and the quality assurance of Go Solar Go Green as you make the commitment to a more sustainable way of life.


viral rathod



As the founder and director of Go Solar Go Green, Viral has specialized in the energy and solar sector for a decade. With studies in Business Management & Accounting Viral plays an integral role across all facets of the business. Viral upholds its business values and strives for excellence in the solar circuit with innovative and forward-thinking design andSolar panel installation solutions.



With a background in teaching, co-founder, and administration expert, jalpa, has a degree in social science. Jalpa is a key decision maker and continuously works to improve and maintain the go solar go green business processes for client success.

raj shah



With a master of engineering management from Deakin University, Raj is the lead engineer with a deep understanding of designing customized solar panel installation systems, installation solutions, and maintenance services.



With a Master of Engineering Management from Deakin University, Nandan is an expert in Client management. From front-of-house sales to providing after-sales support, Nandan oversees marketing and brand management and activity across residential and commercial projects

nandan kothari