By 2035, an estimated 100,000 tonnes of solar panels, inverters, and batteries are expected to become part of Australia’s waste stream. Surprisingly, solar panel recycling in Australia is the fastest-growing contributor to electronic waste. In addition to creating a significant problem for waste management, this goes against the core reason why these items were developed. With a 21-year average lifespan, the quick adoption of solar pv recycling is producing a sizable volume of e-waste.  It is crucial to address this issue and implement sustainable solutions to manage the environmental impact of solar panel disposal.

PV charging

At Go Solar Go Green, we recognize and embrace the challenge of recycling solar waste responsibly. Industry leaders must take the initiative to establish a waste management system that benefits the environment long after these products have completed their intended functions. We are dedicated to using sustainable methods to have a positive influence.


At present, we have partnered with top waste recycling companies to provide an additional service for Solar Recycling Companies. In April of this year, we successfully sent 250 panels as part of our initial recycling initiative. We are dedicated to sustainable practices and responsible solar waste management.