An estimated 100,000 tonnes of solar panels, inverters and battery will enter Australia’s waste stream by 2035. Solar panels have also been recognised as the fastest contributor to the e-waste stream. Not only does this have a threatening impact on the existing waste management processes but these products would be adding to the very cause for which they were manufactured. The life span of an average solar panel is 21 years and the current rate at which these systems are being installed, it will leave us with tonnes of e-waste to deal with.

Go Solar Go Green has acknowledged and accepted this challenge to take on this waste and get this recycled the right way. We firmly believe that it is high time industry professionals took a stand to build a waste management network which would benefit the environment even after these products are out of use.

We are currently working with industry leaders in the waste recycling business and offer an additional service to all the solar companies out there. As a part of our first recycling batch, we sent our 250 panels early in April this year.