Harvest what is truly yours!

Food, water, and shelter are the “basic necessities” required for our survival and growth. We have certainly come a long way in terms of making this list long and wide. From technology to entertainment, energy, and transport infrastructure are well central to all our needs-money, our aim has always been to increase convenience and decrease friction in fulfilling these needs. One such very important entity is power also known as electricity.

Australia is at a very interesting stage with regards to being self-dependent. Surrounded by the ocean, the country has an untapped potential to make the most of a very important natural resource – The Sun! Speaking of which, climate change is very much real and can be experienced by the unreliable changes in the temperature and growing discussions about this in our parliaments. A survey suggests that by 2040 Australia will not face any winter which means A LOT of sunlight and probably no Footy.

It is no surprise that discussions about going green, having solar panel on the roof, and investing in a more sustainable home solution have taken over the dinner table conversation which is indeed a good sign not just from an environmental perspective but promising life-long savings.

The benefits are obvious, and we have crossed the point of learning how advantageous this can be however it all boils down to one rudimentary consumer principle of owning and managing your power demands. Alike any necessity, we like to be in total control of where we live, the food we eat and the products we use. Why cannot that be the same for the power we use? The pace at which the solar industry is evolving and updating is unprecedented. With a range of different products, higher module efficiencies, longer warranties periods, stronger and more reliable service networks, growing battery options and attractive rebates (I mean it), there cannot be enough reasons to encourage you to go and harvest what is truly yours.