16 Aug 2021
Solar Panels in Geelong

Solar power technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, with many of these developments lowering the cost of the equipment needed. Solar Panel Geelong is one of the most cost-effective eco-conscious decisions you can make for your home or company, as they require little maintenance and can last for decades before needing to be replaced.

Whether you’re building a new house or making sustainable improvements to a commercial one, we are a reliable and reputed Go Solar Go Green owned and run business that is on a mission to empower how much energy you use and develops Residential Solar Power Geelong designs and installations to meet your needs.

Are you thinking of putting in solar panels? Consider the following before diving in.

  1. Determine how much energy you use

Examine your utility bills to discover how much and when you use electricity; this will assist you to understand before they give you a quote. You just need a tiny system if you only use a small amount of electricity.

  1. Set your budget

The cost of the panels you plan to install is dependent on your geographic location, the size and number of panels, roof access, and other factors.

  1. Think about the direction your roof face

Keep in mind that if your roof isn’t inclined toward the sun, your panels won’t be able to absorb enough light to generate the amount of electricity you need to power your home.

Based on the pitch of your roof, determine whether solar is a good fit for you.

Residential Solar Panels are More Beneficial than You Think

Know why solar panels are on top demand in the medical industry

Why are people switching to solar energy installation?

  1. Your roof must be in working order

Check whether your roof has to be repaired or whether it’s an older roof that needs to be replaced before adding solar power in Geelong the age, shape, and material of your roof all matter.

If you decide to install solar now and do the repairs later, you’ll have to take the panels down for the repairs and then have them replaced.

  1. Determine how much weight your roof can support

Installing solar panels can increase the weight on your roof’s structure, therefore it’s best to determine how much weight these solar panels will add to your roof’s structure before installing them. Otherwise, your roof may collapse.

To avoid either of these scenarios, have a professional inspect your roof to see whether additional support is required to complete the installation.

  1. Where will the water go

Water runs from the roof, via the gutters, and out the door. As a result, equipment such as racking and wiring harnesses may obstruct water flow; therefore, to avoid any of these issues, make sure you inform your contractor of your concerns.

They’ll be able to provide you with a plan that demonstrates the installation will have no detrimental impact on water runoff.

One last note

Understanding the numerous components is essential before beginning the solar panel Geelong installation procedure.

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