17 Mar 2021
commercial Solar Power Geelong

Everybody knows how much money we spend every year on utility bills. In an era of spending half of the budget on electricity bills, imagine investing once and leverage benefits for 10-15 years! –

This will definitely sound interesting and smart approach. We talk about investing in solar panels.

If you are wondering about the advantages of Commercial Solar Geelong, keep on reading!

Energy independence

If you have a Solar Power Geelong with energy storage, you can continue to produce power in the event of a power outage.

If you live in an area with an unstable power grid or are frequently threatened by extreme weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes, the peace of mind is priceless.

Eliminate your electric bill

Who doesn’t like having one less bill to pay out of their paycheck? You can significantly minimise or eliminate your electric bill by installing a correctly sized device.residential solar geelong

And if you increase your payback period by borrowing money to fund your project, you can save money on energy from the moment you turn on your solar PV system.

(Grid-tied) solar is a profitable investment

You can expect your solar investment to pay off in the long run if you buy a grid-tie system (the type of system you create if you have connections to power lines).

If you assume the national average for energy prices, it will take about 6.08 years to recoup your $10,000 investment.

You start to make money from your system once you get past that point.

Lucrative government incentives

When government incentives are factored in, solar investment becomes even more appealing.

There are policies in place at the state and federal levels to enable people to invest in renewable energy. You will get a lot of money back by claiming these.


A renewable energy source is one that can be used indefinitely without depleting the power source. Since we use these commodities as we use them, oil and gas are not sustainable.

On the other hand, solar is a long-term investment since the energy source (sunlight) is continuously replenished.

We don’t have to worry about depleting the Earth’s natural resources for future generations if we use solar energy.

Low maintenance

There aren’t many moving parts in solar systems. As a consequence, they seldom fail or need maintenance to keep them working at peak performance.

The panels are guaranteed for 25 years, but many last much longer. (For a report on the true lifespan of solar panels, see our article “How Long Do Solar Panels Last?”) Panels are rarely if ever, required to be fixed or replaced.

Since inverters are usually warrantied for 10-15 years, it’s normal to change your inverter at least once during the life of your device.

But for grid-tied networks, that’s about the only planned maintenance you’ll see.

Off-grid systems are more complex since they must have batteries, which must be operated regularly. Building a grid-tied system, on the other hand, removes the need for batteries, so most people will only need to check in on their system for repairs or replacements once in a while.


Homes with Solar Power Geelong wide sell for more than their non-solar counterparts, according to real estate industry studies.

Solar power systems, without a doubt, increase the value of a home significantly.

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