27 Mar 2021
Solar Panels in Geelong

As electricity prices continue to increase, many homeowners switch this year to cheaper solar panels.

The life span of the Solar Panel Geelong is 25 years on average, leading to significant savings, and is booming.

However, installing solar panels is a time and financial investment, and you need to do your homework to know what errors to avoid when switching your energy.

Before you decide to make the change for solar, consider these 3 common mistakes.

  1. Putting off buying solar panels

The decision to install solar power is a major decision that can lead to additional questions and costs.

Many people waver because of the cost when they decide on power from home solar, but the longer you wait, the less you save.

Solar Panels in Geelong

You must take this kind of energy more urgently, as solar panels’ popularity will lead to a gradual reduction of current solar rebates and tax credits.

This means that you may be too late to use these financial incentives when you decide to instal your solar array.

  1. Misunderstanding roof installation

One of the biggest misunderstandings about installing solar roof panels is that a house has to face a certain north direction to capture the sun.

This can no longer be wrong, and no matter what the direction your house faces, you can use Geelong solar energy.

The efficiency of solar energy equipment causes only about 10 to 15% of optimum energy production in a roof in the shade or faces a different direction from the north.

The use of solar is more than worth the investment with such a small loss for what is considered a “less than ideal” roof installation site.

  1. Buying a cheap solar panel

You probably think about switching to solar because of the saving potential. However, it is not possible to cut corners to save money on the solar array you install.

Recall that buying cheap solar panels may now look like the ideal thing to do, but short-term savings will cost you more long-term money when replacing faulty or broken system components.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to buy all the best solar batteries and ignore small solar cells because larger batteries have to be better.

If you don’t know how big a solar panel is, that’s what a professional solar panel installer’s advice is; if you’re not an expert, you know that you can trust Go Solar Go Green.

Our team will help you determine if you need large or small solar cells and how to add roof support and which batteries are the best for your project.

Summing it up,

Go Solar Go Green is an integral, honest, locally owned and managed company. Initially, we learn how much energy you use, how much time you use it and how much you pay for your use every day or every month.

We then work on the designs of the solar panel that meet your needs.

You can trust us with the Solar Panel Geelong for your residential or commercial property.

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