23 Aug 2021
Solar Panels in Geelong

The solar panel is expensive so, it’s important to know whether it is a good fit for your place or not. Solar installation is used everywhere in the domestic and commercial sectors.

It can be the best fit for your business as it will help to save energy bills in long term and maybe be a source of free electricity if used continuously.

Figuring out the right solar panel installation is the basic and important phase of the solar installation.

For choosing the right solar panel, having knowledge of various types of solar panels is crucial because it will help in picking the right solar panels that are a good fit for your business.

Obviously, everyone wants to save on energy bills while doing business, if you are a business owner and planning for solar installation then consult the reputed Residential Solar Panels Geelong company.

Choosing the Right Solar Installation for Your Commercial Building

  • Is there enough space to install a PV system?

The first thing to consider before solar installation is to check whether the place has enough space for the PV system installation.

Also, it depends on the roofing of the building whether it is capable and strong to handle the solar installation.

It’s important to consider the roofing strength because solar installation is costly so, make sure that your solar installation is long-lasting.

Generally, the roof should be capable to hold around nearly 5-7 lbs per square foot.

  • How much amount of electricity does a business need?

Well, it depends on the business you hold, every business consumes electricity differently. You can take expert advice to know about your business and electricity usage.

You can also check out a solar calculator that can help you to calculate solar potential and savings by your address.

Also, there are various other offline and online local platforms available that can help you to measure your electricity usage and run the business in an efficient way.

  • Do the company qualifies any tax credits?

Recently, the tax reduction of 22% of the cost of a PV system is in trend in 2021 and from 2022, it will be tax reduction up to 10%.

Tax reduction has encouraged many business owners to deploy the business properly and use renewable PV solar systems.

Other than this, according to Federal Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System, it helps in a deduction in amount with the use of the renewable solar system.

  • Can it provide high value for the system?

Though it’s not possible to guess that whether it will provide high value to your business or not as it totally depends on many other factors.

Ask professionals to choose the good fit PV system for your commercial building.


though your savings depends on various other factors like solar incentives and the solar technology you use.

Generally, solar panels are low maintenance and last up to 30 years easily.

Choose to Go Solar Go Green for all types of residential and commercial Solar System installation Geelong.

We strive to provide premium quality solar products at the best price.

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