24 Feb 2021
Solar System Geelong - Go Solar Go Green

There are so many resources available on the earth that are utilised every day by mankind. One of the main sources is the Sun because the sun is the producing source of energy that we feel or get on the Earth and its sun rays can be converted directly into electrical energy using Solar System Companies Geelong.

Electricity has become one of the essentials in life. It provides powers to the machines or gadgets that we use almost every day.

What Are Solar Panels?

A solar panel is generally made from six (6) parameters like PV (photovoltaic) cell or solar cell which creates the electricity, the glass part that shields and protects the solar cells used inside, the frame that supplies rigidity to the system, the back sheet where the solar cells or PV cells can be laid, the junction box where wirings take the role being all enclosed and connected, and the encapsulant that works best as adhesives.

A solar panel is a device made up of different components mentioned above. This is used to absorb all the possible energy from the sunlight coming directly from the sun to produce the required heat in order to convert it into electricity.

As mentioned, this work of converting is done by PV cells or Solar cells. Sun can be considered as the only raw and authentic material used for these solar panels. 

Solar panels are constructed in such a manner that these PV cells or Solar cells face the sun directly and perform the maximum absorption process from the sun rays.

If the energy from the sun is absorbed in a greater amount, then more electricity is generated.

The rate of absorption is directly proportional to the rate of electricity. Solar panels are used in many commercial and residential sites of the world because of their successful usage and benefits. 

Advantages of Using Solar Panels

One of the most important advantages of using solar panels is that solar panels do not generate any unwanted gases that can add up to greenhouses and neither do they emit any smoke or chemical or heavy metals that can place a risk factor to human health or hurt anyone. 

Solar panels could be one of the most environmentally friendly devices when compared to the option of burning fossil fuels to generate energy for the use of industries.

This should be important to know since carbon emissions are dangerous for human health and ignoring emission from them helps in protecting our present and future environmental conditions.


It is our duty to act on things in an environmentally friendly way since governments are also suggesting the use of solar panels considering the health of our population that exists on the planet. Therefore, Commercial Solar Geelong makes the perfect choice when it comes to generating energy without creating pollution.

More importantly, solar panels help in the prevention of many cancer incidences according to researchers. 

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